Rhyming notes?

Yes, this project really started off as a way for note keeping during philosophy classes. It is a challenge to contain the world of thoughts in single poems. For me, poetry is an important tool for learning to condense my rendition of the train of thoughts of my scattered mind.

As a poet, I have published a few books, in Dutch, my native language. I chose to present this blog in English to enlarge the reach and to challenge my proficiency in English.

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About me

Existence: I was a professional sailor, chef, adviser and civil servant. At the moment, I am a social worker, a student, a writer and a poet. I am a father of two sons and a rider on a Honda Transalp. I take life one step at the time, contemplating the contingency of my path in the forest of life.

Essence: I am inspiring, and can empower others to think. I am autonomous, honest and impartial. I am passionate and thoughtful.

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Left: Sherlock Holmes | Right: Robert Holmes


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This is my series of Rhyming Notes on Philosophy. This to broaden the reach of this art of thinking. Enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it!


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